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The Dream Girl Lingerie Photo Shoot is best explained as a High Fashion-Lingerie shoot designed specifically to show your classy, sexy, sultry side, in a Fashion photo shoot setting. Dream Girl Lingerie Photo Sessions are shot in our comfortable, private photo studio, so you can feel free to be as timid or daring as you wish. Together we will produce classy images that allow you to portray your beauty the way you want. Your Lingerie session can be divided into several segments each allowing you to portray your classy, sexy, sultry self at your comfort level. The session will produce images that will be a cherished gift for you or your special someone. Our Lingerie shoot also makes a great gift for your sister, best friend, partner or your favorite woman. Lingerie photo sessions can also be combined with Couple's, Boudoir, Fashion, Glamour, or Fantasy sessions.
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